This page contains various resources to help you get started with XTF. First there are tutorials that give first-hand experience adapting XTF to individual purposes. Next are some PowerPoint talks covering what XTF, how it compares, and its features. Finally there are miscellaneous useful papers and reference materials.


Tutorials to help you get started with XTF


Presentations About XTF.

  • XTF In Depth. Given in January 2009 at University of Sydney, Australia. Powerpoint format.
  • XTF 2.1. Given at Spring 2008 DLF in Minneapolis. Powerpoint format.

Reference & Papers

Miscellaneous papers and reference materials related to XTF.

  • Stylesheet Hierarchy: Quick reference to the location and purpose of each XSL stylesheet.
  • Internationalizing_XTF_v2.pdf This paper describes internationalization issues in relation to XTF. Note that many of the tasks in the first section have already been done.